The aim of formation is both personal and organizational. Formation supports the flourishing of the leader, enhancing his or her ability to embrace and promote the organizational mission. It is essential that formation is intentionally and strategically positioned to serve organizational transformation.
— Advancing Ministry Leadership Formation: New Directions 2013-2016

Areas of Expertise

The Ministry Leadership Center and our network of seasoned collaborators strengthens and advances leadership formation through capacity-building projects, resources, and consultation.

Evaluation & Measurement

A signature offering of the Ministry Leadership Center is a comprehensive Evaluation & Measurement Protocol designed to assist organizations in measuring and evaluating their formation efforts. Because formation occurs within the context of complex organizations, MLC helps those charged with formation and mission effectiveness to evaluate formation’s impact not only on individuals but also on organizational culture. We identify indicators of a transformed culture, the pathways and challenges organizations face in effecting organizational change, and recommend how to strengthen and advance leadership formation in light of our findings.

Strategic Planning

In large, complex organizations it is challenging to create a coherent strategy with clear goals, strategies, and tactics. This is particularly true during times of accelerating change.  The Ministry Leadership Center works with organizations to develop, refine, and revisit strategic plans for formation initiatives to determine outcomes, goals and tactics for a comprehensive approach.

Resources & Materials

The Ministry Leadership Center has a comprehensive repository of formation materials and resources that can be adapted for a wide array of needs, circumstances, and ministry sectors from healthcare to education to social services.  Whether you are interested in exploring topics related to the identity of leaders in the Catholic Tradition or operationalizing the working knowledge, skills, and practical concerns of the Tradition, the Ministry Leadership Center can customize materials and resources to support your goals.

Topics for which we have vast resources and formation exercises include:




Responding to Suffering

Care for the Poor

Ethics (Clinical and Organizational)


Values Integration

Whole Person Care

Catholic Social Teaching

Collaborating with Church Authorities & Agencies

Expertise in formation pedagogy, processes and integration of formation into leaders’ roles and organizational culture.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about partnering with us to build your formation efforts.

Consulting & Speaking

Your needs may not fit neatly into a box or a particular category.  The Ministry Leadership Center has a network of experts ready to provide leadership formation and mission support in the following arenas:

                  -episcopal relations

                  -senior leadership team formation

                  -formation of formators

                  -lectures and presentations          

Feel free to reach out to us with any formation needs you may have—we are here to help!