VocationAs Catholic Health Care leaders, we understand ourselves as called. Catholic Health Care as a whole understands itself as a collective response to God’s call to care for one another.

We cultivate a sense of calling:

  • Although we take into account compensation (job) and promotion(career), we also go beyond them.

 We consider how we and our coworkers are especially suited for Catholic Health Care:

  • How our gifts and talents are able to be expressed and developed,
  • How our personal life and work life are compatible,
  • How the people we work with form a respectful community,
  • How what we do in cooperation with others contributes to the common good.

 Our vocational attitude is enhanced:

  • When we remind ourselves we have found the right work,
  • When we invest attention in what we love to do,
  • When we remember the larger meaning of our work.

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