Values Integration

Values IntegrationAs Catholic Health Care leaders, we work to integrate core values into organizational structures, policies, and behaviors. The Catholic tradition emphasizes that these core values, especially dignity and compassion, are spiritually grounded in the transcendent reality of God. This provides the rationale for commitment to the values and motivation to grow in them.

We are aware that when we espouse our values, we enter into a world of:

  • Public scrutiny,
  • Personal vigilance,
  • Continual development.

Successfully navigating this world is an ongoing adaptive challenge and entails that each of us:

  • Identify and evaluate organizational programs and processes that assist values integration,
  • Recognize the diversity of health care organizations in order to determine how core values are understood and lived out in different departments,
  • Develop hiring and advancement procedures that effectively address values.

We strive to develop communities where values development and integration are considered indispensable to mission effectiveness and operational integrity.

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