Responding to Suffering

Responding to SufferingAs Catholic Health Care leaders, we follow spiritually grounded values that guide our work in responding to human suffering. We recognize the inevitable and universal character of human suffering and the major role that responding to suffering has played in the Christian tradition.

We actively promote the culture of Catholic Health Care that notices, feels with, and responds to:

  • The suffering of patients and their families,
  • Our own experience of suffering and the suffering of our coworkers.

At times responding to suffering:

  • Means preventing and curing sickness,
  • Means accompanying people during loss or diminishment, even walking with them to
  • the door of death,
  • Means a courageous bearing of the suffering that comes from doing what is right and needed, n Must be as varied as the range and nature of human suffering.

We develop in ourselves and our coworkers a compassion that notices and engages human suffering, whatever form it may take.

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