Participants' Experience

Connecting personal growth with their development as leaders: 

“I have been changed by my experience of the MLC. It is helpful for me not only in my calling [as a leader of Catholic health care], but also in my relationships, my physical life and my intellectual life.”

“As I reflect over the past three years, it is amazing how this changed my life – both personally and professionally. I am now more grounded in the theology and more able to share learnings with others. Yet, I am also very aware that to take care of others, I must also take time to care for myself and nurture my inner circle [of support].”

“…the greatest take away was making progress on my own spiritual journey…”

“MLC has given me a stronger foundation to understand what it means to grow personally and professionally.

Acquiring theological underpinnings critical to ministerial leadership:

“Dignity, compassion, inclusion and focusing on the greater good are values and perspectives which will provide valuable assistance when faced with difficult future challenges. I have always thought that the patient comes first, and now I know many more reasons why.”

“The foundational piece for me was the dignity of the human person. Where does it come from?  When you strip away knowledge, money, position, appearance, friendships, family … do you still have human dignity?  And the answer is yes, that our dignity comes to us as children of God…this is a bigger picture and contexts my work in even more meaningful ways...”

“I found the concept of “contrast experiences” to be very useful in getting to the deeper theological underpinnings of today’s issues around suffering/wealth and insured/uninsured.”

“Preferential Option for the Poor:  the words have always been important, but I was never quite able to make the link among our works and this statement. I got the idea but my mind could sometimes not follow the logic. Through the use/ more study of the social teachings, I believe I better understand the link. Ultimately, that leads to decision making that achieves justice and respect for each individual.”

Embracing a community of Catholic health care leaders:

Participants' Experience“My work in Catholic health care allows me to connect my searching with the searching of other people...connecting with like-minded people who hold similar to live those values along with [these] like-minded people.”

“I believe I have a strong inner circle of support. Throughout the past several years of leadership changes, our executive team has been modified. Since the last session, I have made a concerted effort to enhance the circles of support with my peers. This will allow for mutual support within our ministry.  All of us will benefit from this effort.  As our work environment is quite busy and geographically diverse, it is easy to operate within your own area. These walls and barriers need to be removed. This has been received well.”

“The shared and lived experience has indeed morphed the program into a community experience. These five systems have many aspects that are similar in their cultures, but live these values true, each to itself. It brought collective learning to a common experience which will have longer term opportunities to share. We have met others who now share a common language and common insights who can be mentors within their own organizations as well as across organizations.”

Enhancing ability to incorporate values into decisions and situations:

“As I reflect upon the three years of Ministry Leadership Formation, the most significant take-away for me is the depth of appreciation I now have regarding the countless ways the principles of Catholic Social Teaching and integration of our values into our organizations can influence the quality and effectiveness of our work lives.”

“The sessions on values, and the many other sessions that wove the role of values into the content, heightened my sense of the importance of calling out the connection to values in much of what we do to make it more visibly alive in the process; particularly in those things which are difficult.”

“Sometimes it is hard to understand the unions and the positions that they take and their expectations. What I found was that their values and position has much to do with Catholic social teachings. The unions look for fair wages, participation in the work, input and a fair wage to raise their families, all about Justice. This made my working relationship with the unions easier, since I understood their historical context and their perspectives.”

“The Values Session was particularly gratifying. I found myself grounded in the values, taking more time and effort to learn the values and think about how they impact or should impact the organization. I discovered that the organization did not really understand the values nor had we integrated the values into our management of the hospital.”