Organizational Ethics

Organizational EthicsAs Catholic Health Care leaders, we work to develop and ensure account- ability for ethical policies, practices, and behaviors in our organizational relationships. We are aware that the ultimate organizational rationale and motivation for ethical responsibility is a theological understanding of the human person in community.

We recognize:

  • Ethical considerations permeate every aspect of organizational life, and must be explicitly addressed,
  • A particular urgency to focus on the areas of resource allocation, cooperation, joint ventures,
    partnerships, vendor relations, conflicts of interest, and policy statements.

We ensure that there are:

  • People who are charged with the responsibility of ethical oversight,
  • Structures to guarantee ethical questions are always asked,
  • Ongoing ethical education opportunities for everyone within the organization.

 We assume responsibility for making sure that:

  • The ethical character of the organization is visible,
  • Every decision is ethically justified and communicated throughout the organization.

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