HeritageAs Catholic Health Care leaders, we understand ourselves as called to
a ministerial tradition that ultimately takes its inspiration and direction from the healing mission of Jesus.

We know and can articulate how we are part of this ancient heritage that is always seeking to respond to the present and extend itself into the future by:

  • Developing this sense in ourselves and encouraging our coworkers to appreciate themselves as belonging and contributing to the heritage of Catholic Health Care,
  • Inspiring others to trace our health care mandate all the way back to the healing mission of Jesus. As Jesus restored sick people to their mission of love and service and walked with people in their suffering and dying, so today we do the same in vastly different circumstances.

We dialogue and respond to these different circumstances, and, as we do, we retrieve our past as a resource for the present. We bring forward the past by:

  • Crafting and using heritage speeches that string together perennial Catholic concerns with contemporary situations and specific strategies,
  • Storytelling past moments in such a way that they guide and influence present decisions,
  • Identifying the spiritual kinship that connects us to the Catholic heritage, a kinship that changes
  • over time and includes criticism,
  • Including elements of empowerment and mutuality that turn our work into ministerial activity.

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