Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social TeachingAs Catholic Health Care leaders, we work to incorporate Catholic Social Teaching into the life and mission of the organization. This teaching is grounded in Gospel perspectives, complemented by natural law theory, and formulated in Papal Encyclicals that reflect grassroots Catholic social movements.

We understand and endorse Catholic Social Teaching that:

  • Addresses the two audiences of Catholics and all people of good will,
  • Is expressed in the core principles of human dignity and common good,
  • Supports the values that flow from these core principles (for example, stewardship, respect for life, subsidiarity, right of association, justice, care for the poor, etc.)
  • Is brought to bear on many social issues, some directly affecting Health Care and some indirectly affecting it (for example, human rights, wealth distribution, immigration, organizations as com- munities of work, dismissal and downsizing, job design, investments, just wage, unions, racial diversity, the environment, etc.)

The mission of Catholic Health Care is carried out within this larger social vision and embodies its concerns.

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